Why Have The Christian Zionists Had Nothing To Say About…


Haaretz.com @haaretzcom  — Israel’s military is one of the world’s most LGBT friendly, report says htz.li/1hfL2wJ.
Because their ‘Israel is always right’ ideology blinds them to anything even their most active religionists would see as wrong.  Christian Zionism is, and always has been, a false theology because it isn’t based on theology at all.  It is a political viewpoint.  Nothing more.  Christian Zionists are political activists and not theologians.  Consequently, when they assume the mantle of ‘Christian’ they do so simply to deceive.  They are simply Zionists.  Not Christian Zionists.  Indeed, they are not Christian at all because Christians understand that God loves the whole world (including the Palestinians and the Muslims) and not just the Jews.
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  1. Francisco J. Veismann

    Hi Mr,

    I am a Christian Zionist. Do you have any problems? There are interesting Bibliography about and not only Ha-Aretz. In spite of,some of your post are interesting and readable.

    The best

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