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Chris Tilling’s Forthcoming Book

If anyone on the planet can help us understand Doug Campbell’s verbose eisegetical maneuverings, it’s my friend, England touchstone and tour guide, and long time SBL roomie Chris Tilling.  I’m proud of the kid.


It even has a slew of good endorsements (although I’ve never heard of any of those people- nonetheless, they seem to like it very much and there’s no reason they shouldn’t because Chris is the brightest Pauline scholar presently working- bar none).


Well done, friend.  Well done.  (Even though you didn’t mention my forthcoming volume, that’s ok.  I’m not at all chagrined nor miffed nor annoyed).

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Written by Jim

February 17, 2014 at 20:25

Posted in Books, Friends

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  1. Thanks for this kind post, Jim!

    Chris Tilling

    February 18, 2014 at 04:55

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