On the Prophetic Office, by Heinrich Bullinger

schriftenHeinrich Bullinger’s book, On the Prophetic Office, was published 28 January, 1532.  Composed just months after the death of Zwingli, the book kicked off Bullinger’s massive literary production as new Pastor of the Great Minster in Zurich.  The book’s aim was to stabilize the Reformation in the city and canton and reaffirm Bullinger’s own commitment to that movement.

It is a fantastic literary work.  Beautifully written in the most pastoral tone, it guides Pastors who adhere to the Reformation in faith and practice.  What is a Prophet (and in Bullinger, and Zwingli, this also meant pastor)?  What is his task?  What are his tools?  What is his methodology?  How are erroneous teachings to be dealt with?

All of these questions are addressed.  (And, by the way, there’s a lovely modern German translation in this 7 volume edition published by TVZ, volume 1).

There’s also a fantastic essay in Peter Opitz’s edited volume ‘The Myth of the Reformation’, which addresses exactly the question of Bullinger’s view of the Pastoral Office:


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  1. thanks for the quick reply. I’ll just have to keep reading the blog because if anyone spots an English translation of the work online I figure it will probably be you. :)

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