Mark Driscoll – Does He Ever Have an Original Thought? Ever?

Warren Throckmorton has yet another instance of Driscoll’s willingness to borrow freely without attribution.

Does Mark really, really not understand how immoral it is to behave so lazily?  Has the man no ethics?  Why has he a single sycophant or supporter?  Why?

That is the modern mysterium iniquitatis.

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One thought on “Mark Driscoll – Does He Ever Have an Original Thought? Ever?

  1. Well, if people want to be accurate about who self-identifies as the author of chapter 7 of Real Marriage that gives no attribution to Allender it would be Grace Driscoll rather than Mark Driscoll. Since Driscoll’s On Mission, LLC owns the copyright for the book it may not matter but since Grace publicly stated Allender was one of her favorite authors from 1999-2001 she can’t say she didn’t know who Allender was.

    For that matter, how and why Mark Driscoll never thought that maybe Grace had more than a strictly academic interest in reading about the symptomology and conseling of abuse victims is its own question

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