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Gershon Galil: With More on the Jerusalem Inscription

Posted in Archaeology by Jim on July 29, 2013

Gershon writes

The information attested in the Egyptian Wine jars labels (ca. 448 texts, dated to the 15th-12th Centuries BC) is divided into four main categories (presented usually in the following order): [1] date; [2] classification of the wine; [3] provenance (place of production); and [4] ownership, see e.g., “Year 5, Sweet wine – from the Estate of Aton”, etc. (Černý, 1965, p. 22, no. 12). In the Samaria Ostraca a similar order is attested: most inscriptions are opened with a date formula: bšt.htš’t/h’srt/15 etc. In Judah the formula is similar, but the spelling of the word “year” is different, šnh instead of št, see e.g.: “bšnh.hššt” (Ahituv, HaKetav VeHaMiktav, p. 170). So it is possible to suggest that the new Jerusalem inscription is also opened with a date formula, possibly: [bšnh.h…]m, and the updated reading could be: [bšnh.h…]m [yy]n ḫlq m(from GN).

And here are his illustrative materials (click to enlarge)-

His reading of the text and his suppositions concerning its function and origin make a great deal of sense to me. I’m hopeful that other epigraphers will weigh in. I do very much, nonetheless, appreciate Gershon’s intelligent contributions to the discussion.

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