Biblilobloggers Recently Arrested

And their mugshots.  Oh I know, it’s shocking.  But, well, see for yourself…


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About Jim

I am a Pastor, and Professor of Biblical Studies at Quartz Hill School of Theology as well as Adjunct at the Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary
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6 Responses to Biblilobloggers Recently Arrested

  1. agathos says:

    Hey, at least I keep with good and entertaining company!

  2. Jeremy says:

    Check out my eyes. I think that’s when I got arrested for killing people with mind bullets.

  3. Stephen Smuts says:

    Oh dear, I look more than a little possessed!

  4. Joel says:

    You might expect that to be me after living in WVa for 7 years or so, but I brought my tooth brush with me. Don’t use it, but I have it.

  5. Máire says:

    I have more tats on my face since that pic was taken :)

  6. Robert says:

    LOL @ Joel’s mugshot!!

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